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Black Student Union: Objections Clarified (2/1979)

The history of Ferrum Colleges Black Student Union.

Iron Blade Vol. 24 1978-1979

Vol. 24 #9 (February 22, 1979) Page 2 “Objections Clarified” by Hazel Vernon

My attack was not aimed in the right direction, so allow me another shot.

The B.S.U. is just one of many special interest groups at Ferrum. Most, if not all, of the others promote pride and aid some students in gaining self-assurance. They also encourage leadership and responsibility. Their members usually become quite adept at fundraising, for to fail in this area means that your club is one name only.

How much cultural awareness the B.S.U. is responsible for is a question open to debate. It does, however, fill a need-in fact, many needs for many students. But it does not meet the needs of all of Black students. It is not representative of all our black students any more than the Social Work Club represents all the students who are studying to be social workers.

It is still my contention that it is a club and as such should be treated the same as other clubs. If we are to divide the S.G.A. budget according to who contributes what, then it should be divided in accordance with higher criteria than are now used. Let the administration divide the funds and set up special budgets for all the special interest groups.

Until such a program is enacted, Dr. Nelson, I feel that to give more to one club than to all the rest combined is appeasement. If not, then why the special treatment?