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Black Student Union: Concerns Expressed (9/1983)

The history of Ferrum Colleges Black Student Union.

Iron Blade Vols. 28-29 Fall 1982-Spring 1984

Vol. 29 #1 (September 15, 1983) Page 2 “Concerns Expressed” 

Dear Editor,

We as black students are concerned about the dismissal (in our opinion) of two of Ferrum College’s most dedicated faculty members, Prof. Rev. Jim Richardson and Mrs. Linda White. Not only did they contribute years of service to Ferrum College, but they also helped to unite the black students together as a union. With the help of these two faculty members we were able to have a Black Student Union, Miss Black Ferrum Pageant, a Black Ball, The Voices of Hope Gospel Chorus, and a strong Special Services organization, which not only helped those with learning difficulties, but also enabled us to participate in dinners, trips, dances-all of which added life and enjoyment to the campus of Ferrum College. To make a long story short, they were people who cared, that took time from their busy day to help sponsor these programs.

We as black students feel that there should be an explanation why two people of such outstanding caliber are not at Ferrum College any longer. Because of this we feel that the help and dedication that they have given to uplift black righteous is the reason behind their dismissal. The black students of Ferrum College wonder what will become of us now! We feel that we should have some form of representation on your behalf.

To: Linda and Jim we as black students remember you for all you have done for us,
and we wish you much success in your future endeavors.



Editor’s Note: In response to this letter, Dean Bill J. Elkins said that Mr. Richardson and Mrs. White were working under a Special Services grant which was terminated. He added, however, that even “before the expiration, we decided Special Services should emphasize tutoring more than in the past.” With this new emphasis decided, those people who applied for positions in the revamped Special Services were carefully scrutinized, according to Dean Elkins, and “those best qualified” were chosen. -David Kirsten