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Black Student Union: Black Opinion Given (12/1979)

The history of Ferrum Colleges Black Student Union.

Iron Blade Vols. 25-27 Fall 1979-Spring 1982

Vol. 25 #6 (December 6, 1979) Page 2 “Black Opinion Given” by Pearl Brown

My time spent here at Ferrum College has helped my insight towards people in general. It has helped me deal with many different types of personalities, but the Black Community here at Ferrum, as a whole, is pathetic. We have become a soap opera of social freaks for the community of Ferrum. We have no unity whatsoever, although we have come a long way, we still have an even longer way to go. It hurts my heart to see my brothers and sisters putting on a show for the white man.

When I came to know some of the brothers and sisters here at Ferrum they were all very nice. Later I found out it was only my imagination, and that they had all put on an act for the freshmen. Each one had a personal dislike for one or more of the others. We have a few activities here for blacks because none of us want to take the time to get involved or we are too busy stereotyping ourselves and trying to be what we are not. I myself have fallen into the rat race of contempt and confusion, but now that I have taken a look at myself in the mirror of truth, I’ve stepped back into myself, because I can see we are still oppressed, no it is not by society, but by each other.

We need to take a look at ourselves, our lives and our future as people. We are no longer children, but adults who are to be the black leaders of the next generation, if there ever is one of our people…