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Student Workers - Stanley Library

Library Work-Study Guide updated for Spring 2021


In previous years we have gone over every section with students, but we now provide you an electronic copy as well as a printout of the most important policies and procedures.


Things to Remember...

  • Your Supervisors:
    • Danny Adams
      • Email:
      • Text/Call: 540-798-9044
    • Rachel Walton
      • Email:
      • Text/Call: 540-352-8811
    • John "JB" Von Preysing
      • Email:
      • Text/Call: 863-944-7969
  • Items of Interest: 
    • If you miss two of the same shifts for non-medical reasons, you may be removed from that shift. At the very least, a supervisor may ask you if you want to be rescheduled. 
    • If you cannot be there, we expect you to tell us ahead of time as soon as you know, whether this means a few hours in advance or a few weeks. You will also need to search for someone else to replace you. Missing a shift without letting us know in advance unless you had an emergency of some kind that prevented you from contacting us will count as an unexcused absence. Two unexcused absences may result in termination.
    • Reading books and doing homework is fine, just as long as you aren't missing or ignoring any patrons at the desk. We expect regular eye contact with patrons passing through so that you are seen as approachable to questions.
    • Work-studies are allowed minimal use of cell phones behind the desk. Laptops are allowed for school-related work with permission from your supervisor. A minimum amount of texting and social networking are allowed if no other work needs to be done immediately.
    • When a student returns a Chromebook (with case and charger), they CANNOT immediately check it back out. 
    • Reserves must always be checked out.
    • All books and DVDs need to be shelved when they are returned REGARDLESS of your assigned section.