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Student Workers - Stanley Library

Library Work-Study Guide updated for Spring 2021


As a general rule, there are three numbers you should call in case of an emergency: 911, the campus police (X4444), and Eric (540-484-3906). Usually, they should be called in that order. Also, only make the calls when you believe you can safely do so. If there is a fire, for example, make certain that you are out of the building before you call.

Additional and more detailed emergency information can be found in the flip chart on top of the Reserves shelf behind the circulation desk.

It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the building before anything happens, especially the exits. Then in case of an emergency, you'll already know where to go the instant you need to.

If you need to evacuate the building, always use the nearest exit unless circumstances prevent it. If patrons have a complaint, feel free to get a supervisor to speak with them. Do not use the elevators.

The electronic sliding doors at the front and rear patios are also designed as emergency doors that will "break away" if the power is off. that is, pushing the unlatched doors will swing them outwards.

Stay calm--others may be looking to you for your help or even as an example. You staying calm will help others stay calm too. Do not go back into the building after any items--or even to look for missing people. Report any missing people to the trained personnel on the scene.

Take only what you need. Carrying heavy items might keep you or others from getting outside in time.

While this isn't always necessary, if you need a gathering place that isn't directly outside the library, staff and student workers have met outside the chapel in the past.

For a non-emergency maintenance issue, you can send them a maintenance request using Panther Portal.


If the fire alarm goes off, evacuate the building. Do not reenter until the fire department or police have given the all-clear to do so.

Likewise, call all three of the above numbers once you are clear of the building if you smell or see smoke. If smoke is obvious and you need to evacuate, pull a fire alarm.

There is no need for you to stay in the building until everyone is out. See to your own safety: Tell people they need to evacuate, but don't stand around and wait for them to do so. 


In the case of a campus-wide or building lockdown, all doors leading to the exterior of the building must be locked, but only if it is safe for you to do so. This will primarily be a librarian's responsibility. Do not leave the building unless instructed to do so, or you are told by authorities that the emergency has passed.

Locking exterior doors in the library may be problematic since student workers don't have access to ARC door keys, but in this case, the remainder of the building--the front and back patio doors, the side door, and the doors in the Computer Services hallway, can still be secured.

Medical Emergency

Call 911 and give as thorough a description of the problem as possible. Call the campus police. Do not attempt to give medical assistance yourself unless you have medical training.

If the patron having the emergency wants you to stay close, particularly if your presence is calming to them, and you feel comfortable staying with them until emergency personnel arrives feel free to do so.

Emergency Alerts

The emergency messaging system will briefly take over the library computers when it goes out, flashing an emergency message. it will also send texts and/or emails if you have signed up for it. The messages will give you further instructions from that point on, including when the emergency is over. Sometimes a general campus email, above and beyond the emergency messaging system, about the emergency will go out as well.

Tornado/Severe Storms

In the case, it would be more dangerous to leave the building than stay inside. The best gathering spot is the AV Auditorium, which is in a secure part of the building with no windows. If need be the lower stacks would also be secure, but if anyone goes there make certain that they stay away from the glass doors leading out to the ARC.