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Student Workers - Stanley Library

Library Work-Study Guide updated for Spring 2021

Benefits of Working Here

There are numerous benefits that you will be able to take to your post-college jobs after you leave here. As a library representative, you will be working with the public on multiple levels ranging from customer service to a form of face-to-face public relations, thus demonstrating to your potential employers that you have experience interacting with people in a professional setting. You will be able to tell employers that you were able to handle private and sensitive information, such as the kind found in students' and campus employees' library accounts. By shelving on your own, you will demonstrate to them that you can handle working unsupervised, handling company property correctly, and the ability to master a filing system.

What you can expect from Library Staff

You can expect us to train you, answer your questions, and come to the desk when you need help. As part of training, we will teach you the ins and outs of the library and how to interact with patrons in a professional yet friendly way. To have your back if you have a problem with a patron, and to ensure that the library is a safe working environment for you.

What it means to be a Student Worker

Being a student worker at the Stanley Library doesn't just mean checking items in and out or shelving books, though there will be plenty of that. As said above, you are often going to be the face of the library, the first person many see and go to when they need some help of any kind. This responsibility means that you will always need to be professional, courteous, and helpful.