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National Poetry Month: Scribbler, Dial & Chrysalis

Celebrating National Poetry Month

About the Campus Scribbler

The Campus Scribbler was published once each semester by the journalism students of Ferrum Junior College. The purpose of the Scribbler was to afford an outlet for creative writing - articles which are inappropriate for the school newspaper because of their nature or length. At current this is the only copy (1952) that we have been able to locate, and scan. 

About The Dial

Sadly not much is known about the Dial - we only have two occurrences is of it preserved (1967-1968). It was like both Campus Scribbler and the Chrysalis in that students and faculty contributed to the publication and the articles/poetry/art. 

About Chrysalis 

This magazine is a collection of creative efforts from the students and faculty of Ferrum College. Ferrum is a unique place (an understatement depending on who you ask) on the cultural landscape of American college life. Those who know ferrum only as a collection of buildings and books among the mountains and moonshine stills of southwest Virginia are missing out. The college is home to a growing community of talented poets, writers, artist, and performers. 

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