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Recreation Theory and Philosophy

Guide created for Recreation Leadership Course with Dan Caston.


Risk can be perceived (one's best estimation of risk) or real (actual level of risk in a situation). 



Audio Clips:

Peter Ayton, the Associate Dean of Research & Deputy Dean of Social Sciences at City University of London, discusses the psychological influences on risk and risk perceptions. This might be more financial than leisure. 

In this podcast, Sarah Cormode speaks with Steve Smith, an expert in outdoor risk management. Steve has worked for many years teaching, leading, planning, and consulting about ways to manage risk in the outdoors. Steve recently presented at the 2020 NOLS Wilderness Risk Management Conference.

On today's episode, we chat with Tom Norquist, president of the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), about how risk and adventure play is stepping back into the limelight and can help kids' independence and creativity.

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