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Ecotourism Test Guide FY23

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What is conservation?

What is UICN? The International Union for Conservation of Nature is the world's largest global environmental network. They are working in more than 160 countries, gathering the latest knowledge on biodiversity, running hundreds of conservation projects around the world and being nature's voice on the international stage. 

"We are a podcast about animals for animals. Created by 5 women who love the earth and all the animals who call it home! Join us in our conservation conversations!"

"This podcast introduces you to the people who take care of America’s parks. You’ll see parks in new ways. As experiments in social reform. As places where interpretive rangers and visitors contemplate big ideas. As spaces where the NPS aspires to hire an inclusive workforce. Each episode dives into the Park History Program’s rich oral history archives to find stories that are moving, funny, and wise. Come join us.

Episodes, transcripts, & photos also available at:"