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Ecotourism Test Guide FY23

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Trail designs and construction is an important aspect to the ecotourism field. The ideal kind of trail balances the desires of the tourists alongside the needs of the ecosystem they are visiting, a space where visitors can enjoy nature without ruining it for its inhabitants. Each prospective trail site has its own advantages and disadvantages, and a good trail designer takes into account the totality of the situation, from the native plants and wildlife to the amount of tourists seeking to travel the trail.

This episode includes an interview with Mike Repyak, the Director of Planning and Design at Trail Solutions. He's been involved in recreation planning and trail network design for many years, and he is asked a number of different questions regarding trail planning and construction, as well as the future of the industry.

Australian Hiker is Australia's premier hiking podcast. 

In this episode, an interview with the project manager/architects for the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trial to discuss the complexities of modern hiking trail design and construction.