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InDesign: Adding Content

This page is designed to introduce Ferrum community members to InDesign.

How Do I Add Images?

Before jumping right in, you’ll want to do two things:

  1. Open Adobe Bridge. Adobe Bridge will allow you to view thumbnails of images and other content within InDesign and drag in multiple frames at once. Then, in InDesign, select Window -> Mini Bridge.
  2. Establish Frames. Frames are what contain every piece of content, and placing them within the document is important for controlling your content more easily. Insert frames using the Frame Tool in the palette.  

Drag an image or content to the frame. Add text wrapping using the simple text wrapping tools in the upper right-hand corner. Text wrap unusual shapes using the tools under Window -> Text Wrap.

Changing the Size – The frame will fill at 100%. To fit the object size to the frame, go to Object -> Fitting -> Fill Frame Proportionally. You may also Fit Frame to Content if you want the frame to change size instead.

You can always add any type of content by using the File-> Place option and sorting through your files manually, although Adobe Bridge is more visual.

Never Copy and Paste.

How Do I Add Text?

Use the Text Frame tool (also in the palette) and add an appropriately sized frame (similar to how we added the object.)

Change your fonts and sizing in the toolbar above. If your text is smaller or larger than your frame, use the Fit Frame to Content option that is shown in the previous instructions.

Cool Tips:

  • To resize your text visually, select Command+Shift+> or < and your text will grow larger and smaller as you direct.
  • Use the Option+left arrow or right arrow to reduce or expand the kerning (make the letters move closer together or further apart.)

Adding Text

  1. To add text from another file, such as Microsoft Word, you’ll want to go to File->Place.   Or,
  2. If you don’t have the type yet, you can use the option Type->Fill with Placeholder Text to put some gibberish in that will let you set your font and see how the text frame will look.

Use the Column indicator options in the top-right corner to change the number of columns in your text frame and the gutter between the columns.

Add drop caps and other features using the Paragraph panel found in Window->Type & Tables -> Paragraph  

Change text color using either the color tool at the top of the document or using the Eyedropper tool to borrow a color directly from a photo. 


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