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InDesign: Setting Up

This page is designed to introduce Ferrum community members to InDesign.

Getting Started

Upon launch, Adobe InDesign will present you with a New Project window. 

Do I want a Document, Book, or Library?

  • Document - In most cases, you’ll want to start a new Document, even if you are assembling a multi-page project, such as a magazine or book.
  • Book - A “Book” is a collection of already created InDesign documents.
  • Library - A "Library” is a collection of already created books.

b.     What do I want to pick when setting up my New Document?

          Pay attention to these fields:

  • Intent
  • Number of Pages
  • Facing Pages – Will help you set up the final print and margins for a multi-page document.
  • Margins – If you have a multi-page document, the Inside margin is important. You’ll want to set something high enough that your text will not sink into the fold of your book, magazine, or brochure.  Type “in” at the end of your settings to convert the pica measurement to inches.
  • More Options
    • Bleed – “Bleed” refers to content that extends outside of the normal printing margin, usually to the edge of the page. It usually needs to be professionally printed and can cost more. You’ll want to find out your “bleed allowance,” but about 1/8" or 3mm beyond the margin is standard.
    • Slug – “Slug” refers to the non-printed area that can be used for comments and notes from the staff. It won’t appear in your final print, but you can talk to each other throughout the layout process by adding “slug.”

You can edit these setting later under File-> Document Settings.


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