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Student Life, 1935-1937: 1936 in Pictures

A snapshot of life at Ferrum (Junior) College for students from 1935-1937.

This display was made possible by a generous gift from Glenda C. Booth and her brother William H. Booth, Jr. The gift of 14 textbooks and 9 pictures owned by Mildred Simmons Booth provides a unique snapshot of Ferrum Training School in 1936. Mildred was Vice-President of her class. She married William Henry Booth in 1940 and lived in Roanoke and Vinton, Virginia.

Senior Class Hike of 1936
Jesse Forloines, Mildred S. Booth, Marguerite Chisholm, James Harry Martin

Former President Dr. Benjamin Beckham, attending the 1936 graduation ceremony. 

Ferrum Students Circa 1936

Senior Class Photo featuring Ferrum
President Dr. James Chapman.
Row 4 - Second from left - Mildred Booth

Pauline Gibbs

Ferrum Graduate 1936

Senior Class Photo featuring Former President Dr. Benjamin Beckham.
Row 1 - Second from left - Mildred Booth

Altha Chisholm
First Year At Ferrum 1932

James Harry Martin and Jesse Forloines 1936