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Subject guide and research station for Spanish Program at Ferrum College

About The Program

The Spanish Program offers a major and minor in Spanish. A major in Spanish not only prepares you for linguistic fluency in the world’s second-most spoken native language (first is Mandarin), but also cultural fluency that will allow you to navigate the Hispanic world, whether it be through travel, business, law, health care, or any number of possible interactions in our increasingly globalized world.

The Spanish minor also provides you with linguistic fluency, as well as some advanced coursework in Hispanic culture that serve as the perfect compliment to any major.

Students in the Spanish Program an also take advantage of an array of study abroad opportunities with semester long programs and E-Term courses in Mexico, Peru, Spain, and other Spanish-speaking nations. Our study abroad programs provide students with exciting professional opportunities and connections that allow students to not only further their language study, but also become globally competent citizens who truly embody the Ferrum College mission of “Not Self, But Others.”


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