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Want to collect research information for your project on an ongoing basis? Set a search alert, and save yourself time and trouble in the long run.

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Setting Search Alerts

When you set a search alert, you allow OneSearch and other sites to send you notifications any time a new result for your most successful search appears in the databases. 

Search alerts are great for collecting research on a topic over a period of time. With search alerts, you can:

  • Make long-term projects and senior seminar papers easier
  • Let your inbox collect results when you are unable to do research
  • Generate citations using the OneSearch alerts, so that you won’t have to format them later

Helpful Tips

Before you begin with search alerts, you'll want to think about 

  • Setting up many different search alerts for different sets of keywords. Searching for all of the keywords at once will often narrow your results too much
  • How frequently you want to receive alerts. Remember that you WILL be getting emails and notices about them A LOT

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