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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open Educational, Open Access, and Library-funded resources for teaching and learning.

Open Educational Resources (OER) are free materials for teaching and learning that can be reused and/or modified (based on the creative commons copyright license).  Resources may include textbooks, articles, videos, and other multimedia materials.

Open Access (OA) is access to scholarly material such as publications, journals, and articles. The material is free to use depending on the creative commons license. They cannot be modified; however.

The resources provided in this guide are a mix of OER and OA resources.  The main difference between Open Educational Resources and Open Access Resources is whether material can or cannot be modified; both models are openly available to use.

Licensed Resources are ebooks, journals, articles, documents, films, and primary sources purchased and curated by the Stanley Library to support teaching, learning, and research at Ferrum College.

Mason OER Metafinder

MOM iconMason OER Metafinder (MOM)
Advanced Search
The OER Metafinder performs a simultaneous search across 19 different sources of open educational materials. Because it is a real-time, federated search, it can take a bit longer than searches of pre-indexed, curated content; however, as compensation the results returned are absolutely up-to-the-minute for each search target. Additional results will continue to trickle in as the search continues running and you begin examining your results.

Textbook and Mixed Media Repositories

Creation Tools

Creative Commons Licensing

Open Access Databases & Websites

Below are just a few of the databases containing open access books, articles, government documents, technical reports, gray literature, white papers, and more that you can use to support teaching and learning at Ferrum College.

Licensed Resources

To the right are only few of the licensed resources the library makes available. Some are subscription resources, but some are purchased collections that the library owns. Contact us for more information.

The Stanley Library subscribes to thousands of journals through full-text databases, but linking to them can be arduous. One terrific method is to use the Full Text Finder tool, which will redirect your students to the full text of subscription content, regardless of where the article is actually stored.

1) Click the Advanced Search on the OneSearch Tool

2) Click Citation Finder

3) Enter the Citation Information or, if you have the DOI or PMID, even better!

4) Click Submit

5) Copy the URL and paste it into Brightspace


Note: To assure success off-campus, make sure you include the proxy information in your link.

Questions? Contact us!


NOTE: To assure that the resource is available from off campus, be sure to prepend the library's proxy server information like so: