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Narrating a Presentation: Making a Screencast

Have you needed to narrate a presentation? Maybe a video or Powerpoint? The library has you covered. This guide includes resources for technology that can you help you with all your screencast tutorial, spoken word jazz, and action movie.

Why would I want to make a screencast?


  • To make dynamic foreign language presentations.

  • To quickly show tech support professionals an error on the computer.

  • To better narrate your Powerpoint presentations.

  • To add dimension to your Google Slides.

Using Jing

Jing is far and away the most popular screencast platform. It's free and very easy-to-use! To get started with Jing, download it here:

Once you have successfully downloaded Jing, a little yellow sun will appear in the corner of your computer screen. That's how you know you're ready to go!


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