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Narrating a Presentation: Audio Lab Narration

Have you needed to narrate a presentation? Maybe a video or Powerpoint? The library has you covered. This guide includes resources for technology that can you help you with all your screencast tutorial, spoken word jazz, and action movie.

Why would I use the audio lab to narrate my presentation?

You can use the Digital Audio Lab to create recordings through Garage Band, the Cubase Artist 7 program, or the Audacity program. This space does have studio foam, but please be mindful of the volume and those outside of the lab.

Stanley Library has an MXL 990/991 Recording Microphone Package which is available for a two-hour checkout.

For a complete guide to using the Digital Audio Lab, please visit

What should I use it for?

  • Create voice-overs for green screen videos.
  • Produce high-quality productions, scores, mastering, and more.
  • Promote your Ferrum club or student event.
  • Class projects, such as the Talk Abroad program.
  • Mix music, edit recordings for videos.
  • Create a podcast.

What programs can I use in the Audio Lab for narrations?