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Murder Mystery Escape Room: Home

With the arrival of a telegram, you have been invited to attend a dinner party at the Hotel Savoy in London. The host and most guests are a mystery to you, but the promise of your heart's desire in the telegram is worth attending. Upon arrival, however, prized possessions disappear, and the party itself goes awry as guests begin to die. Work with the other guests to not only catch the murderer before they can strike again but also discover where your prized belongings have gotten off to!

A huge shout-out goes to the Theatre Department and the Blue Ridge Institute and Museum for letting us borrow items to use as props.


  • You may not use cell phones.
  • You may only write on scrap paper that is provided but not write on the puzzles, riddles, or clues, etc.
  • Please don't spill beverages or drop food on the furniture or floor.
  • Please don't tear down any of the decors or move Ferrum College furniture.
  • Please don't put clues in the ceiling tiles, light fixtures, or in unreachable places if we ask you to hide to them at the end of the session.
  • Don't give away any clues or answers to students outside of the Escape room.


  • Promote deeper learning of critical thinking skills
  • Know how our Escape room works
  • Collaborate with Faculty to create an exciting experience for students in the library


  • Use library resources and spaces
  • Using active learning techniques