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GoPro Cameras - How To Use Them: Home


Along with the standard photography and filming features you expect from a camera, the GoPro also offers extra perks like a wide angle lens, time-lapse photography, underwater photography, and built-in Wi-Fi gives you the ability to control the camera from your Smartphone or tablet using the GoPro App. 


The GoPro has no internal memory but is compatible with microSD, microSDHC, and microSDSDXC cards ranging from 4 GB to 64 GB, and uploads pictures to a computer through its USB cable. The GoPro is also chargeable through its USB cable.


The GoPro comes inside a clear plastic housing removable with a snapping bar at the top. You can take pictures and videos with or without housing. But you will need to remove the housing to insert the memory card or take it out, and to charge the camera. You will need to keep the GoPro locked inside the housing to take pictures underwater. 


Hold the power button to turn the camera off. The red status light will flash several times to indicate that the camera is shutting down, and then go out to indicate that the camera is off. A slow blink while the camera is on means that the GoPro's Wi-Fi is active. (If you don't need the Wi-Fi, you can turn it off in order to increase the battery life.)


The status screen on the front of the camera will help you navigate through the camera's functions, and tell you just about everything you need to know about what the camera is doing at that moment. 


The Power / Mode button on the front of the camera will allow you to switch from one function to another. (Pressing the button won't automatically turn the camera off - you'll need to hold it down for a few seconds to do that.) 


When a function (like the camera settings) offers you a choice of things to do with the camera, you can move back and forth between those choices with the shutter button.


After the photo icon appears on the display, push the shutter button. The camera will beep twice, and the red indicator light will flash, indicating that it is taking the picture. 


The GoPro display



Once the video icon is showing on the display, press the shutter button. The camera will beep, and the red indicator light will flash while the camera is recording.

To stop filming, press the shutter button again. The red indicator light will flash three times, and the camera will beep three times to indicate that the video has cut off.



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The GoPro camera's default settings are 5 megapixels for pictures and 960p 30 frames per second for video.


The camera's "toolbox" will allow you to switch between functions. Go to this icon to adjust your camera's settings, including the calendar and picture resolution, turn the Wi-Fi on and off, and to delete files or format your memory card.