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HON 213 (Media and Violence): Psychology Resources

This guide provides assistance for the HON 213 class in finding information about important topics in media and violence, research, and citation tools.

Very Helpful Databases for Psychology Research

Psychology is one of the furthest ranging areas of study. You can find information about psychology topics in literature, science, sports, and many other kinds of databases, so the OneSearch is your friend here! However, if you're trying to get to information that is specifically about psychology, here are some great databases:

Very Helpful Print Resources in the Library (Psychology)

Pro-tip: The most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is located at the desk!

Call number ranges that are your friends in this class include: 

  • BF38-64                      Philosophy. Relation to other topics
  • BF173-175.5               Psychoanalysis
  • BF176-176.5               Psychological tests and testing
  • BF180-198.7               Experimental psychology
  • BF203                          Gestalt psychology
  • BF207-209                  Psychotropic drugs and other substances
  • BF231-299                  Sensation. Aesthesiology
  • BF309-499                  Consciousness. Cognition. 
    • Including learning, attention, comprehension, memory, imagination, genius, intelligence,
      thought and thinking, psycholinguistics, mental fatigue
  • BF501-505                  Motivation
  • BF511-593                  Affection. Feeling. Emotion
  • BF608-635                  Will. Volition. Choice. Control
  • BF636-637                  Applied psychology
  • BF638-648                  New Thought. Menticulture, etc.
  • BF660-685                  Comparative psychology. Animal and human psychology
  • BF692-692.5               Psychology of sex. Sexual behavior
  • BF697-697.5               Differential psychology. Individuality. Self
  • BF698-698.9               Personality
  • BF699-711                  Genetic psychology
  • BF712-724.85             Developmental psychology.  Including infant psychology, child psychology, adolescence, adulthood
  • BF725-727                  Class psychology
  • BF795-839                  Temperament. Character
  • BF839.8-885               Physiognomy. Phrenology
  • BF889-905                  Graphology. Study of handwriting

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