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HON 213 (Media and Violence): Media & Communications Resources

This guide provides assistance for the HON 213 class in finding information about important topics in media and violence, research, and citation tools.

Very Helpful Databases for Journalism Research

One day, when you are solving the world’s communications problems or producing award-winning journalism, these resources will cost you thousands of dollars and you’ll be expected to use them. But while you’re in college, the library foots the bill, and you can take advantage of them for your research projects. We highly recommend it.

Call Numbers of Interest

Call number ranges that are your friends in this class include: 

  • HM621-656 = Sociology - Culture
  • HM661-696 = Sociology - Social control
  • HM701 = Sociology - Social systems
  • HM706 = Sociology - Social structure 
  • HN1-995 = Social history and conditions, Social problems, Social reform
  • LB = Theory and practice of education
  • LC = Special aspects of education
  • P87-96 = Communication. Mass media
  • T10.5-11.9 = Communication of technical information
  • T58.5-58.64 = Information technology
  • TK5101-6720 = Telecommunication
  • ZA = Information Resources

honors books for m&c resources

Media and Communication Research Methods

It is a recent text (2011) that can help you identify quantitative and qualitative research, as well as determine an article's authority. If you are interested in how scholarly research is performed or if you need to do your own research study, this book can be incredibly helpful.

Media and Cultural Studies

This s an anthology of major works in the field that features important writers on topics such as social networking, international politics, and globalization.

McQuail′s Mass Communication Theory

Written by Denis McQuail is a very important survey of Communication Research. Now in its sixth edition, McQuail devotes a lot of the text to research models, including quantitative and qualitative models, that have come to shape how journalists and communications scholars work.

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