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The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Sage Knowledge Videos may include assessments that can be issued to students by instructors. Some assessments are part of the Medcom LMS and can be taken for CEU (Continuing Education Units). Ferrum College students can create a Medcom account by visiting: http://www.medcomrn.com/SAGECEU.
With more than 120 hours of video covering all branches of the Criminal Justice system, this collections supports students and researchers at all levels via tutorial videos that take viewers step-by-step through the criminal investigation process; case studies that show how that research affects policy and practices; and films that take you inside forensics labs, correctional facilities, and court rooms.
This 75-hour video collection supports such critical areas of nursing education that surpass the standard series on clinical skills presented in an array of demonstration, tutorial, and in practice videos. Interviews with active leaders and practitioners in the field are also included to provide insights into the many directions of a career in nursing.