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Leave No Trace Escape Room: Home

Before COVID-19 changed college campuses' and our everyday lives, a small, little seed was planted-- an Escape Room that would help foster a bridge between the Recreation Courses and the Library. Ideally, the Escape Room would promote a strong concept of Recreation or Ecotourism and encourage students of all majors on campus to be more interested in library programming.

Things didn't go as planned. The first year we attempted to have an Earth Day Escape Room was in 2019. Everything had just started to shut down, and it just wasn't possible. Over time, the ideas that spoke the loudest to both Dr. Mayor and us in the Library changed, until after several different 'back to the drawing board' moments, the Leave No Trace Escape Room was born.

A huge shout out to Dr. Chris Mayer, Dr. Dan Caston, and Dr. Aaron Conover for their help in providing guidance and resources.


  • To create a space that can foster and teach the basic principles of Leave No Trace in ways that participants will be able to use in their daily lives.


  • Participants will have a working understanding of the seven principles of Leave No Trace.
  • Participants will leave with the understanding that Leave No Trace is the best way to leave nature as unchanged by human presence as possible so future generations can enjoy it too. 


  • You may not use cell phones.
  • You may only write on scrap paper that is provided but not write on the puzzles, riddles, or clues, etc.
  • Please don't spill beverages or drop food on the furniture or floor.
  • Please don't tear down any of the decors or move Ferrum College furniture.
  • Please don't put clues in the ceiling tiles, light fixtures, or in unreachable places if we ask you to hide to them at the end of the session.
  • Don't give away any clues or answers to students outside of the Escape room.