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A research and library guide for the History Department.

Suggested Readings

The Persianate World

A world historical exercise in examining ‘out of Asia’ forms of cosmopolitanism, the chapters ask how Persian gained its status, maintained it, and finally surrendered it to its many linguistic competitors.

World History

Caitlin Corning's introduction covers the most important people, places, and events with precision and clarity. The major scenes are creatively illustrated by artist Joseph Novak, whose crisp modern style brings history to life.

Western Civilization in World History

This volume shows that they can be successfully linked, providing a tool to see each subject in the context of the other, identifying influences and connections.

Premodern Trade in World History

Trade and commerce are among the oldest, most pervasive, and most important of human activities, serving as engines for change in many other human endeavors.

Methods in World History

Whether researchers, students, or interested readers, anyone keen to sharpen their critical thinking about world history will find there is much to take away from this book.