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Green Screen Room: Using the Green Screen Room

This guide can help you through the process of reserving and using the Green Screen Room.

Step 1: Setting Up the Green Screen Room

Setting up the room may take a little time. Here's what you'll want to pay attention to:

  • Use the whiteboard to write out your script and cues.
  • Test the camera. 
  • Set the lights so that as few shadows as possible are in your shot. You can do this the correct way by following these steps. However, if the lighting is tricky, focus on getting the shadows out of your shot, on either the sides or the floor where the video is not filming. If the room is not big enough, we can set you up with a mobile green screen in a large room. Just let us know! (Remember to turn off the overhead light.)

Provided in the Green Screen room

We have some equipment that is available to you if needed when you are filming in the green screen. We have a camera that you can use if don't have one just make sure you download your video to where you want to save it to because we erase the videos off the SD card to be available for the next person. We also have adapters for the tripods if you wanted to use your smartphone when you are using the adapters it better if you take your case off your phone for a better fit.

Virtual Tour of the Green Screen Room

Green Screen Room

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