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3D Printing at Stanley Library: Find 3D Models

Here, you will find all of the guidelines you need to use the 3D printer. Please pay close attention to all parts of this guide before trying to 3D print!

Watch the 3D Printer at Work!

Free Printable Objects Online

  • Thingiverse- Makerbot's giant repository for sharing and finding printable 3D designs
  • Yeggi- Great search engine for finding 3d models on the web
  • Ponoko Make, share, buy or sell 3D product designs
  • Smithsonian X3D - Provides free models of objects in the Smithsonian collection, complete with museum information. Great for academic projects!
  • 3D Printer Directory - Lists a number of sites were free 3D models can be found 
  • Pinshape - Find, upload, or sell 3D project designs
  • Tinkercad - Fantastic collection of 3D software tools

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